The Black Cat Approaches


By pounding heart the wish - Is born.

For what's inside the eye - Unfolds.

The real passion cuts - The rope.

Forever turned - Forever one.

Try this ale - You'll ask for more!

All about is only breathin',

No more or less, and no solution,

Of how to get and when to rest.

No rules, nor sign, it's bane, a hex!

On thunderpath, we sail,

Forever turned, explorers mad.

Always half way done,

And two times more to get.

This is our home - beneath the crest...

Rattle skin - you're awake!

Another breath - another debt.

Devil cares - hell awaits!

Holding oath - in blood quenched,

Sinking, sucking, rising...

Then again dissolving in the end,

As the black cat approaches...

Swallowed by the omniscient,

There - my silver shade remains...