Five is a Group



The number five has dominated one particular part of human interaction affairs
The Group. Not only many sports use teams of five, but in reality any friendly
parties  will suddenly start to form in fives, or from the whole, five by five 
the group will be scattered to its micro structures. Is this pure coincidence?
Highly unlikely. Indeed there is very sublime web over the party and its parts
The web is exalted in five  major points, five archetypes, which shine through
The knowledge of this can only  give us advantage in any sport or group quests 
It matter not where the action takes place, if the archetypes of our group are 
picked in assonance with the general  rule of the five, victory is very highly 
to occur.  The opposite is at hand as well,  it will be times less possible to 
succeed  if the team parts  are not balanced in  the way proposed  above. Have 
this  in mind,  regardless if you  play in a professional  sports team, or not
Success comes  with  understanding, and  understanding comes  with observation
Carefully keep an eye at the participants of your group and make sure everyone
understands their place in the game. Only in that way you will achieve victory


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