Rune Magic



f FE “wealth.”           h HAGAL “disruption.”  t TYR “bravery.”

u UR “strength.”        n NAUDR “night.”           b BJARKAN “growth”

th,þ THURS “change.”    i IS “stillness.”                 e EOH “swiftness”

a OSS “power.”           j AR “success.”                m MADR “man.”

r RAID “ride.”           ï,ei EIHWAZ “border.”         l LOGR “cleansing.”

k KAUN “sign.”         p PEORTH “chance.”       ŋ INGUZ “unity.”

g GYFU “gift.”          z YR “ascension.”             o ODAL “land.”

w WYN “completion.” s SOL “victory”                d DAEG “dawn.”

Occult Poker Deck

If you are new to the concept of mediation and general universal relations, you’d be at least confused by the obscurity found in the Occult Poker Deck. That is understandable. But let this not misdirect or discourage you, the best fruits are most likely found at the highest branches, so do not hesitate to spend some time for the slow climb at the tree.

Pocket Jacks

Event: Poker Masters Place: Aria in Las Vegas Setting: It is the final $100k event and there are only 16 players left near the bubble. Blinds: 1500/3000/300. Stacks: Negreanu – 634,000; Koray Aldemir – 414,000. No action until Koray Aldemir raised in the cut-off to 7,000 with:    Jack Spades Jack Diamonds

Phil Hellmuth folded on the button but Negreanu in the small blind re-raised to 27,500. Steffen Sontheimer – the ultimate winner of the purple jacket – folded the big blind. Koray Aldemir calls it. Pot is 61,000 Flop comes in rainbow colours and Aldemir is with set:

King SpadesJack ClubsEight Diamonds

A small ball from Negreanu – 16,000 which Aldemir calls. Turn is useless, yet insightful deuce of hearts:

 King SpadesJack ClubsEight Diamondstwo hearts

Negreanu bet again – this time for 45,000 and Aldemir calls as well. River comes as nine of spades and reveals opportunity for a straight:

King SpadesJack ClubsEight Diamondstwo heartsNine Spades

Negreanu fires 125,000 and Aldemir after brief consideration moves all-in. Negreanu calls quickly and shows:

Queen DiamondsTen Spades

On your attention, dear student of occult arts must be the colours of this hand. Observe carefully the danger Aldemir took with the Jacks one of the most unstable cards on the deck. Pair of jacks sure means trouble. In this case the trouble was for their holder. The flop hit with king of Spades, which was the indicator that spades are going to rule here. And indeed they did. With the Power bestowed by the Queen of Diamonds Negreanu delivered his spear – 10 of Spades and destroyed the paper fortress of Aldemir. This was fullered by the forthcoming of the nine of spade, the little sister of the most destructive spear in the deck. It was a big blunder for Aldemir. Let this be his lesson and serve us as a warning of how we accept the pocket jacks, once and for all.