Operation Hyperstorm

Let us begin this thread with the view of Giordano Bruno of the profound act of spirit bounding, which I can only translate metaphorically as a “Experience of Evolution”.

A bonding agent does not unite a soul to himself unless he has captured it; it is not captured unless it has been bound; he does not bind it unless he has joined himself to it; he is not joined to it unless he has approached it; he has not approached it unless he has moved; A general account of bonding he does not move unless he is attracted; he is not attracted until after he has been inclined towards or turned away; he is not inclined towards unless he desires or wants; he does not desire unless he knows; he does not know unless the object contained in a species or an image is presented to the eyes or to the ears or to the gaze of an internal sense. Bonds are brought to completion by knowledge in general, and they are woven together by feelings in general. I say ‘knowledge in general’ because it is sometimes not known which sense has captured the object, and I say ‘feelings in general’ because sometimes that is not easy to define.

May I, right now ask you for some collaboration..? Stand up, right now. Take any shoes and socks you have. Stand tall and relaxed. Point your head down and for several moments observe your big toes, leaving your thoughts to flow. Afterwards please return and follow the next of the thread. What time is it? The questing you ask yourself several times a day. Is it lunch time? Time to bed? Time for shower? Time for trolling around? This is your common time of your daily cycle(except the trolling, I know you are humble bee). This time represents our connection to the world thus is neutral in nature. But what happens when we open a news site and see our beloved News. Hunger flies away, Sleepiness is rejoiced by the sweet dish of whirling power, coming from the images decrypted in your mind out of the symbols, carefully placed online by fellow member who has been the same way overjoiced, from the news source he found. Shower? Ha, shower! Look at the juicy news, the great things happening at the world, no time for shower! – you inter-dialogue, and continue reading about Obama or Putin. It is no time for your daily cycle, but it is time to pay attention to the World cycle. And this External Projected Attention is the producer of our world drama, played on the stage called Earth(with galactic extension, if you like) Time External: In this state of consciousness the victim involves its energy(attention is energy in pure form) in patterns dwelling on different level than its natural state(the world cycle I pointed to). This leads to vital energy loss. The body weakens, malfunctions occur, the victim suffers, and suffers, than searches desperately for a cure. But for that disease, the cure cannot be found in herbal plants, neither holy words. It lays inside, the last place ones goes to seek.

If I were to focus my thoughts on “the man in the mirror” and not “realize” it was my own “mental construct” then I could not return “my energy” back into myself.

When we, the observers* think in common direction (terror, conflict, war, and other low vibrations), this creates energy-informational structures –pendulums. These structures, like Zeland proposes, develop independence and start to subject people to their laws(to create more terror, conflict, etc.) How that happens? Simple – by attraction. Or to be more accurate – attraction to power Image. We humans are not much different to mosquitoes. We both bite(or being attracted) to the places where the most heat(energy) is released. The media network is simply a hanging energy-trap for mosqu… Humans! But as any good trap firstly a shiny lure is offered. This lure is called – A crave for knowledge. It is assumed worldwide that more you know more YOU ARE. p-o-i-n-g (you have been just conned) You cannot be more than everything… and you are… already! So, this crave for knowledge creates the lust to attend to more and more knowledge rewarding experiences(like watching the news). Than what happens: Bunch of people turn their minds and attention to common event(subconsciously sending mental energy) , thus the pendulums start to swing and live on their own, deceiving you out of your:  Intrnal Time

No amount of study, No attendance in any school Can teach one to be oneself. Being is everything, Being any thing in particular is An illusion.

Well, if we are everything, and everything is the observer, than whats is left for us to do? Simple. To follow the way of nature and create another strange loop. To observe the observer. Now comes the trickery of this thread. How to observe the observer? Ha! Answer: Time Internal Cycles. We know about them. The man of ancient times will follow them as this was a must-do. Then we built houses, engineered and were given technology, becoming more independent of the cycles of nature. Returning to this bound with natural cycles, would solve many of the health issues modern man has. Yet this being true, the Internal cycle is something half a mile far away… from the perspective of an turtle. But we as smart turtles, will use the river to get there in no time.(be careful playing texas with turtles, always check under the shell for a cold deck, or a hidden ace) Here is the bugger. Every pattern has its centre(just look at the flowers). Where is yours? Occult teachings consider three primary forces: The mystical – Kundalini, The Life force – Prana and the Perceptible energy – Fohat Now our fridge is working fine just because of the nature of Fohat

Every form of life is made up of a certain grade of matter expressing a certain degree of intelligence or consciousness, and the connecting link between the two is the vital force of Fohat.

Fohat is the thing you preceve as matter, force, heat, electricity, magnetism, etc. All is made of that Fohat thingie, thats why with the proper magic you could turn one form of Fohat to other. Like Electricity out of heat, or vice versa – here we got to the point – our fridge, the basic thermodynamics system. How a fridge works…? Okay… let’s ask firstly why a fridge works? – Simple, to change the temperature. However in order to change in the temperature the fridge has to make things move:

If a system does not interact with its environment in any way, then certain mechanical properties of the system cannot change. They are sometimes called “constants of the motion”. These quantities are said to be “conserved” and the conservation laws which result can be considered to be the most fundamental principles of mechanics. In mechanics, examples of conserved quantities are energy, momentum, and angular momentum. The conservation laws are exact for an isolated system.

Thus the help of a refrigerant is used  to move the pressure.

In the fridge: The liquid refrigerant flows through an expansion valve. (You can think of the expansion valve as a small hole like the one on an aerosol can.) As the refrigerant moves through the hole, it moves from a high-pressure zone to a low-pressure zone. The decrease in pressure corresponds with a decrease in temperature. Pressure is proportional to temperature! In the evaporator, the liquid also expands and evaporates, and as you know, evaporation of liquid takes away heat. The end result of this is that the gas is very, very cold!

So we get the basic Idea – It is pressure – heat exchange. This form of transformation of Fohat I find the most important for the Life in the Universe. Ofc the Universal fridge is a bit more complicated and the thermodynamic laws there work onto various levels of vibration, not only the perceivable hot/cold, but the heat of mind, heat of feelings and heat of movement/unfoldment. We raise the pressure in some area and the heat there changes. We lower it – the heat calms. Any inter-relation between two points is based on this law. Gamma Rays, Cow Farts, Single Whores, Eyeless Fish, Gravity Weaves, Blunt Weapon Traumas – All came from a proper pressure input at the different section of the fridge. All based on Thermodynamics. And the thing hung on four Elephants which we call Earth is wired to the thermodynamics Grid, it could not be otherwise.


The Grid is not something out there , away from us, safely, abstractly separate from our daily lives. Our molecular bodies and human consciousness as we walk on Earth live within the Grid. The Grid is like a unified tuning fork vibrating with our Light/Life/Electromagnetic spectrum for Earth as we receive it daily from our specific Star Evolution paradigm, the Sun, the astrophysical center of our local solar system Grid. Our King Sun is an evolving star, and our lives as humans on Earth are breathed within the Grid-mediated parameters of “His” body, our familiar solar system.

Geomancy and somamancy are two more pivotal Grid-explicating words. Geomancy initially means “divination of the Earth’s secrets” (From the Greek, Gaia-mantos), but after a meditative experience with the planetary Grid, the word emerges for us into its larger meaning as “divinization of the Earth,” because positive, loving human consciousness interfacing with the Heaven-bestowed Grid completes its intended divinization process. Somamancy (Greek: body-mantos) is the equivalent word operating in the human dimension.

There is on the Earth, state proponents of the Dome theory, a system of dome centers, or etheric energy canopies, occupying the space over sacred enclosures (creating them, in fact), f r o m which extend numerous short-distance straight-running and spiraling dome lines of light radiating out over the landscape. The dome lines link the dome centers with each other in a subtle communications grid.
Each Dome had the capacity to initiate up to 48 affiliate energy centers, or smaller domes, through a series of spiraling dome lines with a smaller dome cap at the end. These became affiliate, spiritualized power points in the landscape, but directly related, like child to parent, with the initiating Dome. Potentially there are 83,808 such dome caps on Earth, a figure that amply explains the near planetary ubiquity of ancient religious sites

They were apparently material stones, as we know stones, about the size of a spherical suitcase. They were brought here by Plan of the Cosmic Chaplains and Elohim geomancers appearing here in the Domes; the stones were activated by the Domes, then positioned at key sites around the Earth to form what is called a Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar, for the benefit of all living forms. Each Vibrating Stone had its time of significance, in accordance with all the synchronously overlapping Zodiac schedules of activity, from the 12-hour cycle to the Great Year of 25,920 years. All 12 stones resonated in harmony and in resonance with each other.

God creates everything through his wisdom: “I Am that I Am” or so called Tetragrammaton. It works like this: The first word of God is “Who”. An expression of his absolutism and singularity. He is “The Who” (rock’n’roll pun intended) The second word of God is “Where”. This creates the duality of things, as to be somewhere we need “other” secondary point being of to exist in cosideration. The third word of God is “How”. This is the number three, the holy trinity created or as hindu understands it “the three qualities of the word”

All the qualities of the world have been identified as three basic gunas, tamas, rajas, and sattva. Inertia is called tamas. Activity is called rajas. Transcendence is called sattva.

The fourth word of God is “What”. This is the creation of matter in its all forms, or so called “Existance” is reached. God is no more showing just an ideas, he is already Exact. This word is the number four and is represented by the four elements who penetrate through everything. the idea behind the Native American understanding of:

The Great Spirit Who Moves Through All Things

The sum of 1+2+3+4 is TEN

The biblical numerology behind number 10 revolves around 10 commandments that were delivered to Israelites after his exposure to Mount Sinai. Also this number is about 10 Plagues of Egypt and 10 nations. The gods associated with number 1 are the Atlas, the Greek God who bears the weight of world on his shoulders and God Uranus who is deeply concerned with technology and imagination. The biblical meaning of number 10 is completed course of time or completeness in divine order. Today this number is used only when referring to any kind of ranking or when describing anything that is near to perfection. Number 10 is the symbol of matter in harmony. This number represents creator and the creation. Pythagoras said that number 10 is the symbol of universe and that it expressed the entire human knowledge. 5+5 gives number 10 which represents two opposite sides of conscience- involution and evolution. Zero in number 10 symbolizes a unit and number 1 completing it showing that this number contains all proceeding numbers as a whole contains its parts. The number 10 is considered as the most perfect of all numbers. This is because it contains the unit which makes it distinct and zero which depicts matter and chaos and is also related to created and non-created, power and force, life and nothing and the beginning and end.

Alas, lately I am feeling that I live in a different world, than the one I was born in. And this is not Mr. Mandela’s fault, but… the connectivity opportunism, released by US intelligence, the idea called – Internet. We have the easy access to each other – a tool far greater than anything ever created before. As the net encompassed the world, we are now living not in connectivity, a relative proximity with your neighbors, but in hyperconnectivity, the possibility to touch information spawned the same second in any part of the planet, anything, everywhere, instantly… We live in a hyperweb, a hyperworld. But let’s not be so proud. Because it was a con. AcaCIA con. The events we are experiencing today were very well programmed to happen. Not in detail but in essence. And again this is not a “CERN raises the devil”, or “Mandela dances on bushfire” type of thread. It’s all about the amount of preparation and tactical approach the USA intelligence and the execution of it’s most sublime operation – Operation Hyperstorm. Operation Hyperstorm is like man-made climate change, a type of social climate that is darkening the skies and burying the human personality underground, leaving at the surface only the Hyperstorm of Anonymity. By creating this climate the AcaCIA challenged the whole world to change its social behaviour. They knew this is a risky move but they did it because most of the times raising before the flop is winning poker decision. It gives you the lead afterwards. That’s why it was a good move. America needed the lead, thus they threw their chips on the table, by introducing the Internet to the world. And they knew what thunder will follow. However, as the other players on the table were still astonished by the bet size, AcaCIA were already planning their bets on the turn and the river. -pun break- The human, who was just a pig few decades ago, nowdays is a space pig. (thus we have a space farming) -pun break- The main aspect taken into account into this poker hand was the possibilities of social programming. Human masses are “Mountains in disguise”. If an intelligence agency like AcaCIA manage to create such a Mountain and direct it at desired trajectory, it instantly would wield a power only equal to Mjölnir itself. But how to do this?! Social sciences, widely used by American government already had the answer. Seed idealism, connect it with self-worth, and bind it with anonymity. Water this seed within a group of people and watch your plant growing. Social engineering… Nothing unheard of… The anonymity(unity) and abolishment of the ego, intricately incorporated in the New Age culture, simultaneously created by AcaCIA with the Internet, were the keys for holding the lead on the poker table. Loosing the sense of separateness gives the person unimagined otherwise ability to merge in the social Mountains, which later are going to be directed for the goals of the agency. So, the important question… WHAT is the real product of Operation Hyperstorm? -The ability to social-engineer as many as needed terrorist organizations like Al’Qaeda, ISIS, etc. which directed properly will serve as the chaos trigger in the WORLD LIVE TV SHOW known as “order out if chaos” or “contra terrorism”. -The ability to engineer vigilante groups like ANONYMOUS, which when directed properly will create the social conditions for desired dictates, groups, and ideas to thrive. -The ability all this groups to be SELF-MAINTAINED and INDESTRUCTIBLE, as their power is in the NETWORK of people itself, not the separate people working for its existence. Let me introduce again an old forgotten word: Revolution. It could mean: Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. Mechanics. a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point. I’ll be decent and not waste all your time. I’ll try to put the things together in quick and sleek manner.

  1. Universe existence is based on laws.
  2. Laws and their patterns are observable in the visible part of the Universe.
  3. The law of the solar system is observable in the solar system parts.
  4. Thus the revolution of the planets mark the way of the law.
  5. The Elites know this very well from 2000+ years
  6. They have created social revolutions on Earth corresponding to the astrological revolutions just to follow the way of the law(in the solar system) so their domination can continue down on Earth, the very few times they disregarded the way of the law, their empires have been crushed by pagans or barbarians(who respected the moon, luminaries, etc.)

The past 500 years they are handling the way of the law with brilliance, and learned by their mistakes the grasp is tighter than ever. The next large revolution is on its way and they are preparing participants in the theatre on Earth, a stage act manipulating the changes(of current status quo) in their favour, according the way of the law. At one side will be the right wing faction(capitalists), on the other the left wing faction(new age thinkers and capitalist haters, lets call them neo-liberals). Soon, they will create a disturbance between this two factions, then arm the capitalist and prepare them to defend against the liberals, further they will arm the liberal revolutionaries and inspire them to fight for liberty and new beginnings. The weapons are not necessary to be of firearm manner but there is going to be rumble and world will experience a “rail change” while the one in power will make sure that all participants of the fights are drained down from their money, sweat and blood, meanwhile they will make sure to keep all asset and power for the next cycle and until the next revolution… of the solar system. These two groups fighting in this whirlwind will be much like the Communist/Nazi factions, where the Nazis played the part of revolutionaries, however, now roles will be reversed. The capitalist faction in this conflict will be empowered by governmental structures, science, dogmatic side of religions. This defending side have to be the Masculine in material expression and Feminine in astral outskirt. This group will use the structure of the pyramid. This group should represent Hector in matter aspect and Set in Astral aspect. The neo-liberal faction will be empowered by ideology based groups, self sustainable through worldwide connections and operative knowledge. This groups will be different in manner and activities, yet share the same hatred for capitalism. This faction will be Feminine at matter level, yet Masculine in astral activities. This faction will operate in the way of the circle. It’s matter representative would be Achilles as for the astral is Isis. Yes, some of you guessed it right, all this is just ritual of resurrection of Osiris. Thus the Magi(yes they are really magic-wielders), or better called priests would need strong Anubian(military) power behind the capitalist faction and strong Horus(enlightenment) power behind the neo-liberals. It is easy to see, the Anubian powers are not hidden at all.The Horus powers however had to be created for the event. They started to prepare this for the last 40 years. All this Enlightenment propaganda(or leaking of information) was deliberated. All form of freedom speech which does it ON LOUD VOICE is serving their purpose and its leaders are in their agenda, nevermind that the Elites might have no direct influence over them. Instead of forcing anybody to do the job for them, they just created the factors for this enlightenment/free speaking to happen and all this alternative, revolutionary thinking to take place. The fact that disagreements within the world’s Elites have intensified in the last decade is almost obvious. In the US and the European Union, this can already be seen with the naked eye. Russia is very bad as well, on the edge of a new Civil War (which has already begun in Ukraine). China is not prosperous as one might think also. The so called Elite is not a single coherent malevolent or benevolent group of people who can decide on the fate of society. Actually it is formed by the people with power (ownership, administrative power, military force and so on) and may be varied in the beginning, in its core structure, but with the constant interaction, all groups become intertwined in a bigger structure(country elite, multicultural elite, religious elite). Then decisions for the masses are taken in the way of the round table(mostly). However, if there is no consensus to adopt the most important strategic decisions, then society under their influence is doomed meet a dire fate, like the one of the civil war. Because such scenarios are very much to be avoided, the elite had created several fundamentally important mechanisms for prevention. The first is the system of harmonisation. In particular, there are many such institutions in the western world. For example, the notorious Bilderberg Club, both the Trilateral Commission and the IMF (purely economic issues are discussed) and many other clubs and organizations. Their general work is to manage conflicts between elites and keep the status quo for the masses. Like the oldest lady in the household… Generally speaking, if the choice is about how to split a pie, the discussions are possible. But if the question is about who gets the last pie, as long as the others are starving, there may be serious problems. In fact, we’re observing this today, and were about to meet the consequences of the EliteGate… The second mechanism is propaganda. It broadcasts a shaped policy to society so that it does not have a strong hate for the elite. Indeed, the antielite (that is, that part of the society that holds power in the underworld) always exist, and it is important to keep it within the framework and not give it a serious chances to take over. The third mechanic is a system of suppressing potentially elitist groups and movements. It works on everything from soft repression of dissent (in the United States, for example, potentially dissidents is not giving a career) to the hard. In virtually all countries of the world, there are systems of “political assassination”, the task of which is to physically eliminate the most potentially harmful “objects”. Note that both the second and third mechanics operate only when there is consensus in the elite about the country’s development path. If there is no consensus, the system is collapsing. We can currently observe this into the shadow government internal fights in the United States, as well as corrupt-oligarch battles in Russia. the same thing just with different perpetrators in different name. China, India and the whole East have the same clowns with different crowns. All fighting for the piece of the cheese. But the problem is not about the cheese, the problem is in this – that such fights are unpredictable and usually end in havoc. The current processes that are taking place in the economy (which is quite objective) make the existence of present elite with the same size and composition absolutely impossible. Thus, conflicts appear. The real problems were still in the early 1990s, and the situation became irreversible in the last decade. There is a clear understanding amongst the elites that after the post-crisis there will be no more place for all the of them. Some will just not survive. China lately(at their last economics review) passed a plan(which is like a law) for the next five years developement. It directs the Chinse economy for the next five years. And in shock for most average economists, China surprisingly announcing that the plan is almost full withdraw from the US dollar. This was hard decision I guess but they’ve took it. But note please, this does not means that they will stop their trade, it means only that it won’t be anymore dollar based on the scale it was. The reason is because the dollar is weak and it’s suicide to continue export goods for non-essential papers without cover. As well US has a grandiose debt to China which cannot be ever payed, especially with the current US economics. As well in that paper China announces that they will start rebuilding of their whole system toward industrial and economic centralization, for sustainability. As I said before, quite hard decision to make. I guess if India and Japan do the same, count already centralised Russia, which banished the Banksters under Putin last year, the West will have a problem… But the withdraw that I meant was not the economical one, that is only complementing it. It is the natural resources one. Think of Gas, Oil and rare metals absolutely crucial for the 21st century technology. The trade in this field is quite complicated one. I sense that the moment Asian countries start to feel secure, they will cut almost all export of natural resources(or at least over-price it a lot). They currently don’t do this, because they buy as well from the west and because the West is blackmailing them with NATO military presence and… surprisingly for some zombies, who failed to notice it, the West used HAARP(western diplomacy methods) punishment to almost all Asian countries which decided to “get out of the deal”. Especially Japan took it hard after their Prime minister tried to # with the Americans. However he had to change his mind very quickly… Don’t get food by mainstream news, It’s a big mafia world out there and the Asian cartel is getting the upper hand… Bye bye good American Pitbull, the steroids you took gave you heart attack. Long live the rats… I judge by the news on middle east issues lately, some people are still confused about what is happening in the middle east and in particular at Syria. What is going on is the covert operation of several world intelligence agencies to destroy the sovereignty and self-sustainability of this very strategic region. 20 years ago it was predicted by experts in the economics and geopolitics field, that who controls the middle east will literally have the world at his feet. A little proof of the identity of perpetrators behind is the way how this covert operation is supplied with the needed weaponry required for the execution of the quite “de grade” plan. The weapons used for the turmoil in Syria and the region are “sold” to Saudi Arabia, by the corrupted leaders of some puppet-NATO countries, then distributed to the purposefully created fanatic organization thought the area, which serve in 1000 different way to undermine the power and sovereign existing countries of the middle east strategic region. While this is still “fata morgana” in the eyes of the general public and media of Western Europe and USA, the facts cannot be so easily hidden and in these Eastern Europe countries citizens are quite aware what their corrupt leaders are doing(I am living in the region, take my word). Not necessary all folks know it, but some local uncorrupted journalists try expose some of it, when they get a chance. Some out of the region journalists as well try dig into it, with success sometimes. Of course their voices are getting silenced by mass media, the usual dominance of the strong… I would call this leaders to a trial(especially at my country parliament), and accuse them of ILLEGAL arms trade used for genocide and I would win, if the world was a fair place, however we know it, how it is: “There’s two types of people at this world, those with loaded guns and this who dig.” I guess we’re done with my imagination of putting that people to justice, with that predominant part humanity with lack of wisdom… There had been illuminated people in the depths of history annals. Coming from pre-flood civilization, or just touched by the inner vision (speculations of which I cannot give a dominant voice), wisdom resided in the hearts of the ancients. But even a gift like wisdom is too, prone to misuse. The torch in your halls might turn to be one day a sword in the hands of your son. With some insight and generous amount of desire, glorious deeds and especially misdeeds could be accomplished. As we see it in the present, human as species did not stops to play the righteous hero, nor the villain, solely by himself. Both are in his being, in his style. So, why not to be exactly the same in the past? From light comes darkness.. and from darkness comes light, until we reach the point of one big mish-mash, as of today. This all to come, from the hand and by the choice of human beings. Like all of us. Human beings who one day saw the light, and the other decided to use it for their own ends. And how easily indeed, one could be swayed, as reaching the end of the tunnel… and sees… there is no reason behind it all, there is no “it”… The point where mania, fanaticism and other delusion could take power over the being, even the wisest. Demonic influences, if you like it that way. Thus the possessed may be prone to act in gruesome way, against his neighbour…shutting its doors and windows, and falling into demise. To be honest I have no proof of this conspiracy, but I have theorem. For the naysayers, let it be just a theory. A priesthood(s) risen by the laws of attraction in most advanced societies of the old world, fell into demise and used its knowledge for its own ends. The Knowledge was used against the Intellect itself. The empire strikes back… Courageous plan was to be forged for the domination over the population of the world. Devouring the only truth in them, their source of connection, so the masses could be motivated to “go” in single direction. A single direction is the only way to rule a victorious army, consult a Sun-Tzu for this. With polytheistic society, this could not be done, so here, monotheism had to come around. This was done by carefully re-establishing religions and re-creating that what was good and true before, in vile and superficial manners. The ultimate weapon. The one God. A weapon, an image which cannot be dethroned, for it is all hidden in light. The light of its own crown. The God that we know it, the ultimate, Brahman, Allah, The father of Jesus… is just a pinhead, a tip of a sword, so glorified in front of the eyes of the public, that it is assumed to be… The ONLY ONE. And have no GODS except “ME” That way, by the manner of singularity, you can achieve direction. The reality we tend to forget about is that the Godhead is not a damn thing without its feet, and for real glory, he needs his hands too – to build, and if he’s hungry – his belly and mouth. And maybe he gets sexy in Sundays.. he needs more.. see… existence has never been based on singular personification. Hope I proved my theorem here. But the facts of our stolen past can ring us a bell for what had happened, what is going on, and what shall be on Earth. The Platonists and Stoics are almost gone, in modern days we see ET-chasing nutters if we are lucky, or worst MTV-toons with dildos in hand.

The Neoplatonic Academy was shut down by Justinian I in 529

The Two major Monotheistic Religions broke the two main flows of Polytheism – the Slavic/Nordic and Egyptian/Arabic. Neither Christianity was self originated, nor Islam. Both a flawless weapons in the hands of the old Priesthood. How much Merry was virgin I would no discuss, but a illiterate, like Mohammed to get a pure insight in a cave… sorry this is not Raja Yoga, we are talking about schooling here. Schooling a peasant, an idealist for purpose (like they train terrorist today). Then this two weapons had been collided massively in 1095 and are still on the edge of mutual hatred. All roots pagan deleted – new singular detectives created – masses incorporated. Engine rolls…

The Ka’aba has nothing to do with Abraham or Ishmael. It has a wholly pagan heritage. Egyptian Professor and foremost authority on Arabic literature, Dr. Taha Husayn, said the following: The case for this episode is very obvious because it is of recent date and came into vogue just before the rise of Islam. Islam exploited it for religious reasons.

Before Muhammad appeared, the Kaaba was surrounded by 360 idols, and every Arab house had its god. Arabs also believed in jinn (subtle beings), and some vague divinity with many offspring. Among the major deities of the pre-Islamic era were al-Lat (“the Goddess”), worshipped in the shape of a square stone; al-Uzzah (“the Mighty”), a goddess identified with the morning star and worshipped as a thigh-bone- shaped slab of granite between al-Taid and Mecca; Manat, the goddess of destiny, worshipped as a black stone on the road between Mecca and Medina; and the moon god, Hubal, whose worship was connected with the Black Stone of Kaaba. The stones were said to have fallen from the sun, moon, stars, and planets and to represent cosmic forces. The so-called Black Stone (actually the color of burnt amber) that Muslims revere today is the same one that their forebears had worshipped well before Muhammad and that they believed had come from the moon.

360 idols. 360 degrees, different angles or angels in a circle (zodiac). Pagans knew something, anyway! Here is a good example how a true theism sees the world VS the organized blatant European view:

Only to the white man was nature a wilderness and only to him was the land ‘infested’ with ‘wild’ animals and ‘savage’ people. To us it was tame, Earth was bountiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery.

– Black Elk, Oglala Lakota Sioux (1863-1950)

And if, in the end some of you still might think that polytheistic gods are nothing but an elaborate worship of the environment in which ancients lived, I’ve got just one thing to tell you:

The gods may indeed inhabit the representations made by mankind, but their true form is hidden and mysterious, as Egyptian texts continually emphasizes. That’s why, none of the animals, plants and objects that are related to the manifestation of deities actually give any information about the true form of a deity, nor can any portray the true richness of a deity’s nature.

Do you know what is the main agenda of any Theistic Ruler? Exactly – To take you out of the road, put you into their pants and fix a funny hat on your face. How well they are going with this plan? Are you feeling already fitted for a clown serving at their podium? Do you carry your own opinions and listen not to the crowd? And how about democracy, how do you feel about it? I see… The hat is fitting you perfectly. This is you and this is me. This is the hat, this is Democracy. This is the Conspiracy. THE conspiracy. Conspiracy in its core means just doing things together. That what democracy is – the pure and exact fulfilment of the main Conspiracy – to conspire. Why to conspire, why the main, why THE conspiracy? There is law in existence, which we perceive as such, indeed… many laws, which govern it and keep it stable. Let me point here just two of them. One of this laws is the freedom of choice and the other is the law of consequences. As two opposites they attract each other and said so: Walk Hand in Hand. Their mastery is very neatly intertwined with the existence of matter itself. They form the force understood by some as Fohat, and their balanced state is exact perfection. Not to say that the pursue for perfection should be undertaken in any manner, just sharing the hard facts. But this is all about Democracy and why it was inflicted upon you. Or let me better say it: “All this is about conspiracy and why it was inflicted upon you” For this to be clear we will continue just a bit about the Fohat issue, so we have a basis to step upon. On any event of change, being ascension, evolution, devolution and such, there is three waves of change that take place. If one of these three waves is suppressed, the process is interrupted. In the current issue on earth, you’ve been intentionally programmed to mix and mash upon your own fohat, which first arises the feeling of dissatisfaction and second prevents you from any movement while so. This is done with the simple method of conspiracy. What happens when we have this so called Democracy, and what’s the difference if we do not? Well, yes. I will have to introduce four new important words here: what, how, take, trade What changes if democracy/conspiracy is on or off? Any reason leads to the simple answer: many things, important things, big things. And the reason is right for it, alas the reason is blind also. Blind for the second important word – how. Democracy not only changes what, but changes how to. So why we stopped at these two words – what and how? Exactly! They are mirror itself of the laws of freedom/consequence. In Democracy the law of freedom is represented by reasoning, but is there enough balancing force on the contrary side? How conspiracy works: The unique parts of the whole conspiracy do reason between themselves and find the best solution of the issues they have to face along [big place for silence here intended] yet they sacrifice the law of consequence(the how) in the process of making compromise(any means necessary). So who cares, you would say? Well, yes. You do. By doing this the whole flow of Fohat is being suspended, as it whringles out of balance, and however behind the scenes the other two waves are in development, no real progress is being held for humanity as the trinity is not full. In order to fully understand the nature of the suspension in detail we have to examine the two other words: Take and Trade. This is all nature of Fohat, Taking means, a part of Fohat engulfing another part of itself, changing it to its own nature. Trading happens when a part of fohat spiralling together with another part of itself reaches balance so creating a bigger structure, yet not changing its contacting parts in any manner. The former you might recognize as death and the latter as birth. These are both the HOW aspects of fohat, as the fohat itself is the WHAT aspect of fohat(itself). Here I will point for the curious that neither the soul, neither the spirit has the possibility or can be severely influenced by fohat changes. Fohat domain is solely the electro-magnetic thought-matter. The way of WHAT is based on observation and reasoning, yet the way of HOW is based on blood and honour. The blood of death, when fohat gives upon itself, and the honor of trade when fohat deals with itself. This is what Democracy hinders – it hinders, shows not importance of and expels all things connected with the way of HOW, condemning them as necessary sacrifice for the greater good. Making them look irrelevant and no worthy, showing you and shoving you the WHAT part of existence every single day. Take a look at any no-democratic historic example now. No tribe/society would sacrifice their blood and honor so easily as modern democratic thinking materialist, indeed they would keep ’em to the end with their lives… and beyond. All around the world all ancient people did it. Kept their blood, kept their honor. They knew deep in their souls – loose these two, you loose fohat. Loose fohat and the other two waves will stop for a break, until fohat steps out of the glitch so they continue along together – they never separate. Now imagine you are someone that by some reason will benefit from stopping the flow of certain planet (lets imagine that you are military general who wages war with this[planetary] entity). To stop a planet’s flow you need to cripple at least one of its three wave-strands . You cannot cripple neither its soul, neither its spirit, sorry this are just beyond crippling, as you as being does possess only access to fohat. So then cripple exactly this you have acess to. Thought is electro-magnetic, thought is matter. Make your enemy(planet) take death without giving blood and trade within itself without honor and equality… progress this dis-balance in its(planetary) life, in its(inhabitants) thoughts, then if you are done, not only the battle but the war might be won. You own that planet. Congratulations general. Now, what about you, are you SATISFIED?? Or better, I should ask… How about you… This is Democracy, this is Conspiracy. In some galaxies known also as: Three-Card-Monte. And the hat suits you well, the tin foil one. Imagine, what if we are being conned to take our time and thoughts upon a subject that ultimately will bring humanity prosperity, yet is not guaranteeing any personal and spiritual advancements to any of us. Do you remember that L5 society? Back in the 70s, they were the guys who were about to leave Earth. Or at least they were pretending that they are very serious about it. It was a time when population was around 4,000,000,000 and the scientific brains around the world have realized that humanity is stuck. Stuck in their own dreamless state. Humans are not like Toyota. They need inspiration to live and prosper. And what is the alien? The alien is exactly this. A dream, a Fusion of our subconscious with our conscious. That’s why the popular opinion is so wide and stretchy, about who what and why the alien are to us. They are from the underground, they are from other dimensions, they are coming from other planets, they are jinn, spirits, shape shifters, everything, really everything. They are our meme in the future… So who and why created this dream? It was not me. It was not my mother, it wasn’t my cat either. We created it together, ourselves. However, we were directed by one “instance”. We were directed by the people who knew humanity need a dream. Remember the L5 society. They quickly realized that there’s better solutions, then to dream about colonization of the space by flying tin cans made of bolts. –A backtrack– We have our earth surface is our home. Everything else is alien to us. Show if we can’t practically go into the “alien world” to draw inspiration from. Then… we might be able just to call the alien down to earth. –A backtrack– And I must admit this was a really good idea, because it works. It makes people wonder, it makes them nuts. It makes them release this hormone of ingeniousness that humanity needs to be what it wants to be. No mastermind created the pattern for this. It was the architect of our own matrix who gave the order. “Sprout the Alien, Raise the Children of the Flying Church!”

Operation Hyperstorm 
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