The Realm


Whirl yourself -
In brand new realm.
It's anything -
In no one's cell.
A crazy glitch -
In the logic pale.
From chaos born,
The beauty's there.
Nothing, never, is,
Without your shade or kiss.
It's now - together
We all dwell...
We're born and dead,
We're just a spell,
Perfection never do -
Repeats itself,
The moment brings,
And kills the realm -
But it's still there.

By pounding heart the wish - 
Is born. 
For what's inside the eye - 
The real passion cuts - 
The rope. 
All about is only breathin', 
No more or less, 
and no solution, 
Of how to get and when to rest. 
No rules, nor sign, 
it's bane, a hex! 
On thunderpath we sail, 
Forever turned, explorers mad. 
Always half way done, 
And two times more to get. 
This is our home - 
beneath the crest... 

Rattle skin - 
you're awake! 
Another breath - 
another debt. 
Devil cares - 
hell awaits! 
Holding oath - 
in blood quenched, 
rising... Then again 
dissolving in the end, 
As the black cat approaches... 
Swallowed by the omniscient, 
There - 
my silver shade remains...