-These lines were written as song lyrics-

Made -

Of unexistence,

We are inhumane.

Masters of creation,

Gods of mortal men.

We've brought hell and darkness,

We've created the game.

Drowned you down - exiled you,

Fixing you in pain.

Closing up the door -

You banished us away.

But we are now returning -

Our kingdom to reclaim!

We're divine, we're masters -

You are doomed to fail.

Accept your fate, surrender -

Join the inhumane!

Ritual of sacrifice -


Meet your maker!

Death -

Eternal bringer of the light!

Join us...

Join us...

We are dark avengers -

Risen from the graves.

Corruption servants fall now -

By our hands of fate.

We are one and many -

We're the Legion -


Spirit split by mirrors -

Hunting mind of men!