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Ma-Haru Astrology Consultation with Vacterion

In-person consultations with Vacterion are available in Varna, Bulgaria. For clients across the Europe and around the world, Vacterion most often reads and consults by telephone. Follow-up sessions are available with a 15 minute minimum. Typically Vacterion sees or speaks with his clients Mon. – Fri. from 9 am – 5 pm EET.

Vacterion is an experienced, sensitive and caring astrological counselor, and you will feel deep acceptance and compassion for your personal issues. Personal readings are gauged upon what you need and are ready to hear and understand; business matters are treated with the utmost in practicality and professionalism. Vacterion’s background in business, in Jungian psychology, and in Exotic Mysticism are added dimensions to his abilities as an astrological consultant. Vacterion’s deep spiritual reverence is combined with humor and common-sense wisdom. His interpretations are based upon 10+ years of experience, and deep study and training in Ma-Haru Astrology.

Vacterion has helped hundreds of people to understand every aspect of their lives and to harness the power of the stars for extra success in everything they do.

Preparing for your Consultation

At least 24 hours before your scheduled consultation with Vacterion, please send all requested information on the given Email or by Fax.

Many people know exactly what they want to ask about. If you aren’t sure, take some time to clarify your questions in your mind before your session. It can help to make a list of your questions in priority order. For relationship questions, the other person’s birth date is required. If possible, please get their birth place and birth time. It is also extremely helpful to know the first in-person meeting date and the date you became lovers if applicable – please try to have these dates available. For business questions, the first in-person meeting dates, incorporation dates, domain purchase dates, bank or brokerage account opening dates are all very helpful.



The standard rate for a 60-minute individual, couples or business consultation is 30.
Tutoring in traditional and Ma-Haru Astrology is available at the special hourly rate of 25.

In gratitude, and uniquely among world-class astrologers, Vacterion offers a limited number of more affordable sessions each month in order to remain accessible to those without the financial resources for a full-price session. His reduced rate is $15 per hour. If you would like to be on the waiting list for an affordable session, please indicate this when you contact us. You will also be notified if there is an earlier opening due to cancellation.

After an initial one-hour consultation, clients can book subsequent consultation sessions with a 15-minute minimum to answer quick questions that may come up in the future. Or, to just get a quick question answered, “One-Question” sessions are also available.

Vacterion can accept cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. He has a 24-hour cancellation policy, late cancellations will be charged at full session price. All readings and consultations are digitally recorded and sent to you electronically unless you request that no recording be made.

For Further Questions and Contact: 
-office +359 876870085